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To help our customers lower their study stress


To deliver high-quality support in resolving university-related problems


To relieve the intellectual and physical stress of mixing work and studies

Our Main Principles


We develop and execute breakthrough technologies so that our clients can have the best study assistance. Our IT team developed a special AI algorithm that helps us more accurately select the best Academic Expert for each task. We use our powerful plagiarism-detection software to check tasks before sending them to you, so you can rest assured that the assignments you get are 100% original.

Customer happiness

97 out of 100 NerdAssist clients are totally happy with the academic help they receive from us. This satisfaction level is possible thanks to our efficient workflow and management algorithms. Every delivered order meets the required deadlines and customer requirements.


We work non-stop to improve the quality of our service, and we aim to deliver the best assistance at reasonable prices. Receive the best grades while saving your time and money!


No business can become successful without a well-coordinated team of professionals. Thanks to our corporate culture, we are able to attract the best specialists in every field: academic experts, IT specialists, and customer support staff. Together, we give you the best education help service possible.


We guarantee 100% confidentiality to every NerdAssist client. Your personal information will stay safe, as we never share it with third parties. We also use the latest encryption techniques to protect your data. Our Privacy Policy contains more information, so please take a look.

Making the world better

We are not willing to turn our backs on global problems. That’s why, in 2017, we started two charity programs with the goal of making our planet greener and improving the education levels in developing countries.

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